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About Me

About me


Menajem Benchimol





Date of birth:

23 February 1996


2525 Amsterdam Avenue, NYC, NY



I am a student at Yeshiva University pursuing a major in Marketing. I am the president of the YU International council, I also have organized two Hackathons , while running the YU Hackers. Living in NYC has given me the chance to attend, and network with interesting people from many different fields in Facebook, IBM, Nasdaq and so on. I am curious about chatbots, AI, VR, startups and all that must do with the future of technology.

In the past I have taken two semesters abroad in Israel, and China . In Israel, I went around different startups, getting to know leaders from different industries, and learning about Entrepreneurial opportunities, while attending Bar Ilan University. In China I had the privilege to intern in Comtextile a leading textile manufacture, while studying Mandarin, and having business classes.

I am always looking for opportunities to meet new people and learn more about different startups, and cultures & revolutionary ways to change the world for the better. Soccer is my passion (I am a Boca Juniors fan) , travel and getting to know new cultures, listen to all types of music in all types of languages. Always curious to learn , and reach new heights.

What I can do



Growth Hacking

The art of growing your company with minimum monetary resourses? Its possible! I will find ways to grow your business meteorically, with content marketing, chatbots, and social media.

Business Dev, brand ambassador, and Brand Awarness

Finding different schemes to get your name out there. I am currently a Fubo TV amassador, where I find ways for the Latin American market to watch soccer. Looking for a hard working, and student leader to promote your brand? Lets talk.

Web development, graphic designer

You love this website don't you? Would you believe it took me very little coding background to make this? I also design snapchat filters to target millenials, and the new up and coming "Genereation X"

// find article about snapchat filters

Startup consultant

Looking to raise money for your startup? Trying to find the best methods and means to grow your startup, and start making a profit? Let me help you with your startup.

My Work Experience



Experience :

Masa Israel Journey

Summer 2016

Masa Israel Journey

Manage social media accounts for International markets, Manage UA campaigns on Facebook and other networks


Summer 2015

social media intern

Manage weekly newsletter, CRM email using Mailchimp, Post content on the website using Wordpress


Nov 2014 – Feb 2015

Provisioning Intern (Shanghai, China)

Managed, tracked and reconciled inventory. Supplied various useful translations as a multilingual

Education :

Yeshiva University

Fall 2015- spring 2019 (expected)

Business Intelligence & Marketing Analytics

I am learning to become proficient in R, database management, business intelligence, and Machine Learning

Bar- Ilan University

Feb - Jul 2015

English Composition and Business

Learnt about Israeli strategies in Marketing, and economics.

I am good at

My Skill

My Skill

My Professional Strengths

“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it” -Estee Lauder

I am constantly searching for new skills to learn, and ways to master techniques. I stand by the 20 hour rule which states that only need 20 hours or more to be good at something. To become an expert you will need 100s, if not 1,000 of hours of work. To be proficient in a skill to be able to apply in the work field, and in life, after 20 hours you will be able to be competent.

  • Content marketing & Growth hacking
  • Startups, and investments research
  • Business dev & Partnership
  • Team player, and hard worker



Pretty Good


Language skills





Other skills

  • SEO, A/B testing
  • Growth Hacking
  • Business Intelligence
  • Content marketing
  • Extremely curios and eager to learn
  • The ability to pay attention to detail
  • Team player, and easy to adapt to new tasks
  • Great communication skills
  • Research/ analize new trends
  • Strong writing and editing skills
  • Web development
  • Business development

Help me reach my goals!

My Availability Calendar

Availability Calendar

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